Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs).

Can I amend a submitted application?

Yes, one can amend a submitted application, but it has to follow the whole process of application to get an occupation certificate.

Can a planning approval/permit be granted retrospectively?

Yes, it can in some instances where there are no zoning guidelines. In such cases the character and form of the area will guide the development type, size, and standards.

What are the possible reasons that would result to rejection of development application?

The reasons for rejection for a development application, will be that the physical planning standards and architectural requirements have not been adhered to i.e the plot coverage, plot ratio permitted or all documentations have not been supplied at submission stage.

How will I know if my application has been granted or reject?

The consultant will be notified by the County Government either online communication platform, telephone call or the consultant has to keep visiting the county government to follow up on the application

Will I be charged afresh for resubmission if my application had been rejected?


Will the automated system affect participation of the public in development control processes?

Yes, it shall encourage the public to participation in development control processes.

What happens if the permit expires before construction is completed?

The applicant has to submit a fresh application (renewal application). In most cases the application fees are reduced by 20-30% from county to county.

How does the application/documents move from one office to the next?

Where the application/documents are submitted on an online permit portal, all members of the technical committee access the application simultaneously and comment on it before the technical meeting is held every month/fortnightly. For the relevant agencies (NEMA, KERRA, KURA etc) that need to comment the County government will circulate a physical copy to these agencies and specify that a reply has to be communicated within a short timeline. For applications submitted manually, most counties physically circulate the file to the respective technical committee members to make comments. Once all members have made comments than the file is forwarded to the next technical committee meeting.

How are the permit fees calculated?

Building Permit: Most counties use plinth area/square meters and cost of building to calculate fees e.g Nairobi County 0.5% cost of building.

Planning Permit: Most counties have a standard fee for change of user, extension of lease, extension of user but will charge per subplot for subdivision scheme plans and amalgamation plans.

Development plans/Traffic Impact Assessment: Nairobi County charges a standard fee of Ksh: 400,000 across the board.

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